The Gift for Two People

Hunting for good jewelry deals isn’t always easy, but when I find one, it makes me jump for joy. There were these amazing diamond choker collars at an online store that were available for some of the best prices that I’ve ever seen. Even the prices in the stores couldn’t beat these prices on their best sales days, like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I almost thought it was too good to be true, but the prices were legitimate, so I hopped on them before they changed and ordered one for my girlfriend.

After thinking about it some more in my sleep, I decided to go back to the website and get another diamond choker, but this time I got one for my mother. She doesn’t really like to wear a lot of jewelry, but in some occasions, she will take a piece out and wear it when she goes to dinner with my father. He tries to get her stuff all of the time, but she just tells him that she would rather have something else. I don’t know why she doesn’t like to buy much jewelry, especially since she or my father can afford to buy it, even at full price.

When I gave the choker to my girlfriend, she had the happiest expression on her face. She started jumping up and down like some kind of kid who had just eaten an entire gallon of ice cream and then poured a couple liters of soda down her throat. When I gave one to my mother, she smiled and told me how much she liked it. She put it on that day and wore it to the grocery store to do some light shopping. It was funny, because I’ve never see her do anything like that since I’ve known her.